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Frequently asked questions

How long before my departure date can I ask for a quote?.

The request can be forwarded well in advance, which will grant you more chances of getting competitive offers, as well as a few hours before leaving.

What are the booking/cancellation terms?

Booking is free of charge and you will have the chance to change your mind up to 14 days before departure: this marks the moment when you will have to pay for your rental.

What happens if I cancel my travel after the confirmation?

If you have to cancel your travel, without verifiable reasons, less than 14 days before departure, the following penalties will be applied:

  • 50% of the price between 14 and 7 days before departure
  • 80% of the price between 8 and 4 days before departure
  • 100% of the price if less than 3 days are missing to the departure

Which payment methods are accepted?

At the moment, your booking can only be confirmed paying via bank transfer (banking details will be sent in the confirmation email) or via credit card, providing a valid email address.

Can you use Buustle for last minute services?

Of course! Together with our partners, we work our best to satisfy our clients even when we receive a last-minute call!

How do I know if the vehicles are safe and of good quality?

Buustle only selects verified partners that work with efficient vehicles and trustworthy drivers.

What is the selection process of the offers?

Buustle does not select the offer we think is more appropriate, we send all of the offers directly to the customer who entered the request, so that the customer him/herself can evaluate the one who better answers his/her needs.

What do you mean with “availability” service?

“Availability” is a service where the mean of transport remains available for the entire trip and also includes the return route.

What do you mean with “transfer” service?

“Transfer” is a one way service, that does not provide a return route.

What do you mean with “tour” service?

“Tour” is a service that includes more than one stop over several days, with a vehicle at your disposal for the entire time.

How can I forward a complaint for a non-efficient service?

You can write us at the email address in case something goes wrong, and we’ll see to analyse the problem with our partner.

What does the quote include?

During your application you’ll already be able to select the services you’re interested in having or not included in the quote.

Can I modify my application for a quote?

You can modify your application for a quote as many times as you want before confirming it. Once the payment has been sent and the departure confirmed, you can ask for some changes, but these might be applied for an additional charge.

What sort of vehicles can I rent?

Thanks to our partners’ vehicles fleet, we have access to vehicles that range from 7 to 92 seats: people-carriers, minivans, minibuses, buses.

Is it possible to send applications for more than one vehicle?

Sure! With Buustle you can handle the travelling of very big groups of people requiring more than one vehicle, especially in occasions such as events, conventions, demonstrations. In this case, one of our experts might contact you so as to find the best possible solution.

What do you mean with validity of an offer?

In order to guarantee an efficient and prompt service, your application will only be available for 36 hours to our partners, during which they’ll have to deliver their quote. The validity of the offer indicates the time left before the deadline.

Can I book international routes with Buustle?

Yes, you can also apply for or book an international service through our website.