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How we got here

There are no easy ways to move groups of people or rent a bus at convenient prices.
             If you want to fill all the seats of a vehicle and minimize waste, the game gets even more challenging.
             From these considerations and from the daily relationship with hirers, travel agencies and event organizers, Buustle was born.

Our History

Stefano and Andrea meet after a long time each with a different and complementary experience, but both with the same desire to create something new and innovative.
Stefano is more focused on business and marketing, while Andrea is more on the technical and logistic aspects. In the summer of 2016 they meet with the intention of innovating the road transport sector.

The Team

Buustle is made up of enthusiastic people who want to get involved and create something unique. We are developers, thinkers, travelers, athletes, dreamers, culinary experts, dancers, designers and much more.
But above all we love what we do and we try to transmit this passion to all the people who in one way or another have to do with Buustle